Legacy of Landerhaven

Wedding Ceremony


  • Weddings
    Beautiful staircases provide grand entrances, impeccably landscaped outdoor gardens become a memorable backdrop for photography and a choice of six distinctive rooms ensures that your reception will look and feel just like you’ve always imagined... More
    Social Events
    After 50 years of planning social events in your community, we can say this with confidence – we know how to throw a party. So if you’re hosting any of the following, just know we have the experience to make it a smash. More
    Corporate Events
    After 50 years of planning corporate events, we can say this with confidence – having your event with Executive Caterers is an eye-opening experience. From stockholder’s meetings for a thousand guests to a thank you dinner for your top performers... More
    Whether you are looking to host in one of our six picturesque rooms or would like us to help you plan the details for your off-site event – you’ll find what you are looking for with Landerhaven as your partner... More
  • Floral & Design
    Our professionals, Michael Ferrara and Sue Steels, can draw from their unparalleled experience in traditional and contemporary room and floral design to make sure the only thing more striking than the event will be the bride herself. More
    Non-Profit Events
    Nobody has the depth of experience and talent that Executive Caterers has to help you plan and execute your charity’s next crucial event. We know that underneath all the gaiety and fun, there is a serious need to have a successful evening. More
    Off-Site Catering
    A garden wedding … a black tie gala at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame … a backyard barbecue for two hundred… we’ve even done custom catering for 20,000 on the grounds of the Grand Prix. You name the place, we’ll take care of the rest. More
    SINCE 1960 we’ve been catering to the social, corporate and civic communities of Greater Cleveland and beyond with remarkable care and expertise. From fairy-tale weddings to major social and fundraising galas... More